Secure Your Organization’s Greatest Vulnerability

DID YOU KNOW? 91% of data security breaches are the result of spear-phishing email?

Targeted phishing emails that are opened by unsuspecting employees are behind many of the most serious data breach incidents. PhishingPoll “white-hat” employee phishing simulation takes employees beyond annual training with actionable tests that track and train and expose your most vulnerable employees so that you can provide them further training. Even the most technically savvy employee can fall prey to a well crafted phishing email.

Using our proprietary PhishingPoll employee phishing service, we test your team with artful white-hat phishing emails that simulate the trickiest and most successful real life Phishing attacks. To ensure our training is impactful and relevant, we customize targeted emails and landing pages that help you address your specific vulnerabilities. We can even create a campaign that simulates internal communication, a highly successful scamming technique used by phishing scammers.

Our proprietary “white-hat” phishing platform tracks opened emails, clicked links, and opened attachments.  PhishingPoll reports who, what, and when on each phishing campaign and aggregate results (how many times has a given employee fallen victim). PhishingPoll provides custom landing page results that inform employees of the test and immediate remedial training.

PhishingPoll Employee Phishing Simulation Service Offers:

    • Customization of phishing simulation emails — to help address specific vulnerabilities
    • A library of test phishing emails — simulating emails from popular shopping sites, banks, delivery companies, social media, and more
    • Detailed reporting of failing users — name, email, date and time, in excel format
    • Scheduling of phishing campaigns
    • Custom landing pages – you choose to alert your team with landing page, or later
    • Monthly, flat rate, pricing — up to two campaigns per month, minimum 3 months
    • Offered as a service, for your convenience – we create emails, schedule ‘attacks’, and report back to you

Periodic employee phishing improves employee behavior