Phishing Awareness Courses for Employees

This 10 minute phishing awareness course demonstrates various ways criminals phish. Hidden URLs, obscured domain names, spear phishing, catphishing and more. Ungraded interactions exercise learner understanding. Follow up with periodic white-hat phishing. Visit “Employee Phishing” under the Training menu for more information.

We also offer Simulated Employee Phishing Attacks whereby we create templates, schedule the “attacks” and track employees by name and email who open and clicked the staged phishing email.

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Course Content

  • 7 minute narrative plus variable interactions… about 12 minutes total
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Narrative customization available for specific needs
  • Interactive learning through real world examples.
  • Emphasis on identification of phishing attempts.
  • Combined animated narration with interactive media.


Completion can be measured by successful navigation through interactions or an optional quiz.

Customization Options

  • This course is available for hosting on your intranet as Flash/HTML5 without tracking
  • This course can also run on your SCORM/AICC compliant Learning Management System.
  • Host it on our scorm-compliant LMS branded for your company to track your completions, provide reports, and email reminders to learners

Topics include

  • Why criminals phish
  • Methods of deception
  • Links and URL’s
  • The anatomy of a URL
  • Authentic URL’s
  • Spear Phishing
  • Catphishing
  • Recognizing a phish
  • Email attachments

Interactions include

  • Differentiating between types of phishing emails
  • Decoding URL’s and identifying an unsafe website
  • Learning how to discover the destination site before clicking on a link
  • Authentic vs. fake URL’s
  • Recognizing a Phishing email
  • Attachments and recognizing potentially dangerous file types