Information Security Awareness Training

Security Awareness Training for Employees

Topics in our courses

Social Engineering, Phishing, Ransomware, GDPR, Email and Messaging, Browsing, Social Media, BYOD, Passwords, Encryption, Protecting Business Information, Data Destruction, Wi-Fi Security, Appropriate Use, Reporting Incidents, Personal Cloud Computing, Data Leakage, Insider Threat, Remote Computing, Physical Security, Compromised Computer, Personal Computing, Advanced Persistent Threat

  • Four (4) customizable course options from 17-55 minutes long from 10-24 topics
  • Courses can be customized and branded to meet client needs
  • Phishing Simulation “add-on” available
  • Host on your LMS or ours
  • Mobile compatible tablet/smartphone
  • Engaging design and smart copy
  • Interactive learning experience
  • Annual or Monthly Training with Reporting
  • SCORM & ISO 27001 compliant

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Information Security Awareness Courses Designed for Employees and Contractors

with Access to Information Systems

wdt_ID Topic 10 TOPIC - 23 MIN 13 TOPIC - 28 MIN 16 TOPIC - 31 MIN 22 TOPIC - 51 MIN Custom Course
1 Social Engineering Yes Yes Yes Yes Available
2 Phishing Yes Yes Yes Yes Available
3 Email and Messaging Yes Yes Yes Yes Available
4 Browsing Yes Yes Yes Yes Available
5 Social Media Yes Yes Yes Yes Available
6 Passwords Yes Yes Yes Yes Available
7 Protecting Information Yes Yes Yes Yes Available
8 Data Destruction Yes Yes Yes Yes Available
9 Wi-Fi Security Yes Yes Yes Yes Available
10 Reporting Incidents Yes Yes Yes Yes Available
Customization Options
  • Branded and customizable narrative options
  • Hosted on your Learning Management System (LMS), or…
  • Branded LMS hosting on our secure server available. Tracking, Reporting, Email Reminders
  • Translations available
  • Certificates of completion available
Quiz Options

Completion behavior is as important as the course content for an IT audit. Completing should be simple, straightforward, and self-explanatory so students have no trouble meeting the training requirement.

  • Adjustable passing score 0% – 100%
  • Acknowledgment of responsibility statement (optional), which must be accepted for course completion. This may contain a complete policy statement or abridged summary.