Security Awareness Training That Companies Want

  • Choose from four customizable training packages details below
  • Narrative customization and branding
  • Closed Captioning available
  • Phishing Simulation “add-on” available
  • Mobile compatible tablet/smartphone
  • Engaging design and smart copy
  • Interactive learning experience
  • Annual or Monthly Training with Reporting
  • SCORM & ISO 27001 compliant
Security Awareness Training for Employees

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Security Awareness

Choose from four course configurations:

wdt_ID Topic 10 Topics 13 Topics 16 Topics 22 Topics
1 Social Engineering Yes Yes Yes Yes
2 Phishing Yes Yes Yes Yes
3 Email and Messaging Yes Yes Yes Yes
4 Browsing Yes Yes Yes Yes
5 Social Media Yes Yes Yes Yes
6 Passwords Yes Yes Yes Yes
7 Protecting Information Yes Yes Yes Yes
8 Data Destruction Yes Yes Yes Yes
9 Wi-Fi Security Yes Yes Yes Yes
10 Reporting Incidents Yes Yes Yes Yes
Customization Options
  • Branded and customizable narrative options
  • Branded LMS hosting on our secure server available. Tracking, Reporting, Email Reminders
  • Closed Captioning available
  • Translations available
  • Certificates of completion available
Quiz Options

Recording training completion is important for an IT audit. Completing should be simple, straightforward, and self-explanatory.

  • Adjustable passing score 0% – 100%
  • Acknowledgment of responsibility statement (optional), which must be accepted for completion. This may contain a complete policy statement or abridged summary.