Data Privacy Online Training for Employees

Consumers release personal information to businesses in return for products and services. They provide name, email, address, phone number, PCI, PHI, and more, trusting in companies that utilize that data for legitimate purposes.

Loss or theft of private data is a serious offense, and the entity responsible for the collection and protection of that data may be penalized and subject to significant fines. Negative publicity will follow. Absence of data privacy training will make matters worse.

Privacy training will both mitigate data loss risk and demonstrate due diligence should a breach occur.  Train your employees in best practices regarding the collection, storage and utilization of private and personal client information. Data Privacy Training is designed to comprehensively cover data collection, storage and utilization practices.

Data Privacy Training

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Completion options:

Completion behavior is as important as the course content, especially when reporting for an IT audit. Completing an online security awareness course should be simple, straightforward, and self-explanatory so students have no trouble understanding how to satisfy the training requirement.

  • Set a passing quiz score between 0% – 100%
  • Acknowledgment of responsibility statement (optional), which must be accepted for course completion. This may contain a complete policy statement or abridged summary.

Customization options:

  • This course is available, branded with your logo, ready for hosting on your intranet, or SCORM/AICC Learning Management System.
  • Content customization is available at reasonable rates.
  • Hosting available (annually.) Our LMS hosting environment offers FIMSA-compliant student completion reporting.
  • Foreign translations available
  • We can provide printed certificates of completion that include student name, date, course title, and company or division logo.

Visuals and Design:

  • Easy to understand visuals are designed with the end-user in mind, and include images and animations that hold the learner’s attention and enhance the retention of information.
  • The content is narrated throughout the course..
  • On-screen text notes: Learner option to show the complete narrative on screen.

Navigation options:

  • Unrestricted navigation: Students can navigate freely forward or back. This option is suitable if a passing quiz score or user acknowledgment is required for completion.
  • Restricted navigation: Students can navigate back, but forward only to the last visited page. This ensures all required content is presented.
  • Automatic bookmarking: Students will be able to do the entire course in a single try, but will also be able to stop and come back to the exact point where they were prior to leaving the course.