Narrative Customization to fit Company Policy

ELC Information Security will illustrate, narrate, and deliver a turnkey course to your Learning Management System or ours.

We provide fast turnaround times for all eLearning course customization.

We can also create a custom course from the ground up to meet the requirements of your company policy or training for a different topic. While our specialty is in security awareness training, we have created a custom eLearning courses for clients on a variety of subjects.

Logo, Color & Style

Give your course the same look and feel employees are used to seeing. We can apply your company logo, colors and style to any of our e-learning courses.

Narrative, Contact Information & Resources

We will customize course content to satisfy your training requirements, and security policy. Choose from any of the pre-made module topics or create your own topics.

You can include a resources tab that links to policy pdfs or pages on your intranet.

An acknowledgment statement is an optional page that can contain an attestation statement for the learner to accept before proceeding to the quiz.

Quiz & Completion Options

We can customize the configuration and placement of the quiz and the question format to meet your requirements.

Your choice of quiz can have any passing criteria, or no passing score.

You can provide the learner an option to skip the content. If they pass the quiz, they’ve fulfilled their training requirement. If not, they proceed directly to the course beginning.

Quiz Placement Options

  • Beginning
  • End
  • Beginning & End
  • within the Course
  • No Quiz

Should my course be customized? How do I comply with audit requirements? Should I rent or buy an LMS?

Learn more about how to select and properly implement a mandatory training course.