Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Awareness Training

Do you need to train cashiers or others in your business to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS)?  If so, we offer an online interactive training course that will get your team complainant and ready to go in no time.  PCI training helps to improve employee performance and protects the security of your customers while reducing your company’s risk from credit card security issues.

We offer a web based, interactive course that meets the industry standards, and can be customized for your business.  Our course is accessible in a secure location online and can be completed from a computer or tablet. Employees have 24/7 access to take the course at whatever time is convenient for your training team.

eLC courses are among the best in the business. We feature compelling interactive experiences that help learners retain the information provided as they interact with your clients.

Why Train With eLC?

•    You can preview full course with clients to ensure it meets your needs.
•    Your course can be customized to meet company requirements and include logo identity and any brand specific information.
•    You can keep training costs down by providing online training that is available 24/7.
•    Your employees will receive the latest training standards and gain a deeper understanding through an engaging interactive course.
•    Completion of this course may help satisfy PCI DSS Requirement 12.6 for general security awareness education.

Our Cashier Training Course:

• is 15 minutes long.
• features engaging, interactive, professionally illustrated and narrated content.
• includes a quiz.
• can be installed on your company Learning Management System.

What Employees Learn

• How to identify a fraudulent credit/debit card
• How to ensure that sensitive information is kept safe in paper or digital form
• How to ensure that customer receipts do not contain sensitive data
• How to identify and report suspicious behavior
• How to identify credit card components
• How to manage card-present and card-not-present transactions
• How to protect cardholder information
• How to handle payment-card transactions
• The ins and outs of remote access
• How to maintain good work practices

The course also helps to deter employee theft. Payment card data security is critical for your business and must be a priority for any retail organization. Our PCI Awareness Training Course is designed to suit the needs of enterprise company requirements spanning all areas of business affected by the PCI requirements.

*Prices discounted for larger seat counts

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