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Cyber Ready 2018 Conference

We attended the Cyber Ready 2018 Conference at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, FL on May 14th.  Several of the speakers and attendees were members of the Florida Suncoast Chapter of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers.  Not an everyday conference.  Would definitely attend again.


  • Effective cyber—the mindsets of various stakeholders and attackers; promoting communications among groups; facing ubiquitous computing, educating everyone on the challenges and threats in the current environment—to some degree everyone must become an educator
  • Attack vectors and malware—the role of attacks in “soft” areas including social engineering attack methodology, and the impact of cybercrime (and cyberterrorism), which are becoming more costly and frequent
  • Addressing the vulnerabilities and security challenges of innovation—the main challenges to delivering “safe” innovation
  • Bridging the gulf between cyber and intel—cross-fertilizing these two domains
  • A tabletop simulation exercise with full audience participation with the goal of exposing attendees to situational analysis techniques and the field implications of cyber threats and what is required to address them

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Twitter password

Twitter Says Change Your Password Now!

On World Password Day Twitter requested that all 300+ million users change their password immediately. The announcement had nothing to do with World Password Day, but the irony has to be appreciated.  Twitter does not believe passwords were “breached or misused” .  The bug exposed passwords in plain text on Twitter’s internal systems.  For that reason, if you used the same password elsewhere, it is critical that you change those passwords as well.

This brings up the discussion regarding password managers once again.  What do password managers do?  It depends.  As with all software, they all have different features with pros and cons.  The main idea with using a password manager is you only have to remember one password for the password manager itself.  Then the password manager can be used to create super strong passwords for any site.  The password manager stores all of your passwords so you don’t have to remember them.  Again, you just have to remember one password – for the password manager.  The initial legwork can be tedious, but once you have it setup, it is super easy to create and manage passwords for all sites.

We have only tested a handful of password managers.  Here at ELC Information Security, we use LastPass.  It does everything we need and once you get used to using it, it just becomes part of your routine for new sites.  PCMAG has a great review of free and paid password managers.  For personal use, a free version is probably all you will ever need.  You may want to try a couple of different ones to find the one that suits your needs.  The look and feel for one may match up perfectly for some people, while others may hate it.  If you do make the switch, remember to remember that one password.

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GDPR Awareness Training

GDPR Doesn’t Have To Be Scary

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect May 25, 2018.  Are your employees trained on how to deal with data for individuals in the EU?  Contact ELC Information Security for more information.

panera bread

Panera Bread 7M Records Leaked

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Hudson Bay Lord and Taylor Saks Fifth Avenue

Data Breach – Lord and Taylor / Saks Fifth Avenue

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