15 minute security awareness training

Our 15 Minute Security Awareness Training Course is for Employees That Don’t Have Time For Anything Else

Companies are always trying to find ways to be more efficient and effective.  That includes helping employees stay focused on their jobs to be as productive as possible.  Training is sometimes that elephant in the room.  It has to be done, but nobody wants to talk about it.  Security Awareness Training is no different.  It is becoming more and more necessary to make sure employees are aware of and know how to deal with the constant barrage of cyber attacks in the world these days.  How do employees get the training they need without disrupting day to day business operations?

First, let’s put our efficiency expert hats on and do some math.  Let’s say your company has 1,000 employees and the training they need will take about 30 minutes for each person.  That totals 30,000 minutes, or 500 hours of lost productivity.  That’s equivalent to over 12 weeks of work for one full time employee or a week’s worth of work for 12.5 employees.  That’s an incredible amount of lost productivity for a company.  Some companies just do not have the resources available to overcome something like that.

On the other hand, one bad click has the potential to be catastrophic for a company.  Using the example of a company with 1,000 employees again, let’s say that one bad click infected the entire company’s computer system with malware and rendered all everything useless for 24 hours.  That is at least 1,000 hours of lost productivity or double the amount of the training outlined above.  In addition, your IT staff may need to work overtime to get systems back up and/or purchase additional hardware and software.  Furthermore, how much business will be lost?  How many longtime customers go elsewhere?  Lastly, what about the reputation of your company if hackers steal confidential information?  Companies must consider all of these factors when weighing the cost of security awareness training versus lost productivity.

Our 15 minute Security Awareness Training course for employees is the perfect balance for some companies.  It might be the difference for your company to thwart the next cyber attack.