periodic security awareness training

Annually, Quarterly, Monthly – What Is Best For Our Company?

Security Awareness Training is usually thought of as another annoying training that a company forces an employee to do.  Truthfully, it can be just like any other training – boring slides that have to be read and/or listened to that are not relevant to what they do and it disrupts an employee’s work.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  There are several Security Awareness Training providers that put together great courses that keep employees interest.  Remember, the number one goal is for employees to learn about threats to keep a company’s data secure.

Customized training is one option companies should definitely consider.  There are several benefits, all with the main objective – to effectively train employees.  Another option to consider is breaking up the training into several modules.  For example, let’s say a company has decided their employees need two hours of training every year.  That two hours of training will most likely cover several topics.  It might be more beneficial to the employees and the company if, instead of a course for two consecutive hours, it was divided up into four, six, or ten courses.

Keep Your Employees Happy And Focused
We will use ten courses as an example.  That means each course will probably range from ten to fifteen minutes.  An employee should not be able to put up too much of an argument that they cannot take fifteen minutes out of their day to do something that is extremely helpful to the company’s success.  A company can set the expectation that once every month or so, every employee will be required to set aside a small portion of their day.

It may be more advantageous to do the training once a quarter or once every other month.  A company should survey their employees.  That way the employees will feel like they are part of the process.  From there, work with a reputable Security Awareness Training provider to put together a program based on your stated goals and requirements.  Be flexible.  What everyone thought would be best may need to be fine tuned a bit as you move forward.