We attended the Cyber Ready 2018 Conference at MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, FL on May 14th.  Several of the speakers and attendees were members of the Florida Suncoast Chapter of the Association of Former Intelligence Officers.  Not an everyday conference.  Would definitely attend again.


  • Effective cyber—the mindsets of various stakeholders and attackers; promoting communications among groups; facing ubiquitous computing, educating everyone on the challenges and threats in the current environment—to some degree everyone must become an educator
  • Attack vectors and malware—the role of attacks in “soft” areas including social engineering attack methodology, and the impact of cybercrime (and cyberterrorism), which are becoming more costly and frequent
  • Addressing the vulnerabilities and security challenges of innovation—the main challenges to delivering “safe” innovation
  • Bridging the gulf between cyber and intel—cross-fertilizing these two domains
  • A tabletop simulation exercise with full audience participation with the goal of exposing attendees to situational analysis techniques and the field implications of cyber threats and what is required to address them

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