Bring Your Own Device…With Conditions

Companies are adopting Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) more and more everyday.  The benefits are substantial for employee production and moral.  The risks are minimal with the right security and policies in place.  It is vital for a company to have a clear and concise BYOD policy for their employees.  It is also critical for the company to ensure the privacy of the personal data on the employee’s device.

Employees want access to systems from their office, home, and on the go.  They want it from their personal laptop, tablet, or phone.  They want it anywhere and everywhere.  Over 50% of companies in North America have BYOD policies in 2018.  That number will only increase substantially in the coming years.

A key to BYOD policies is to ensure employees have a good grasp on what’s expected of them.  Simply publishing the policy is probably not enough.  These policies should be part of a company’s security awareness program.  If the company has a Security Awareness Training program, BYOD should be part of it.  As with other aspects of security awareness, one misstep can be catastrophic for a business.  An infected device connected to company’s network can wreak havoc and render systems useless, costing time and money to restore.

The best BYOD policy will have little value if employees do not know about it or do not fully understand the expectations.  Even if the policy has been given to every employee and they all have been trained on BYOD, it is always best to send out periodic reminders.  Additionally, a company may want to refresh the training every year for their employees to have knowledge of any updates to the policy and learn about the latest threats.  Technology changes quickly and hackers are always on the prowl for weaknesses.