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Annual Security Awareness Training For Employees – 2019 Training Now Available

Our customers and prospective customers have spoken and we heard them loud and clear.  ELC Information Security is proud to announce that our 2019 Monthly Training is now available.  Every company has different challenges with Security Awareness Training.  Some have employees that are not tech savvy, some companies are bigger targets for hackers.  Some employees complain they do not have time for training, information security departments complain that employees are the biggest problem with data breaches.  This is just a sampling of the feedback we have received over the years.

What is the solution?
Every year we study the marketplace and talk to our customers.  We have had annual training with monthly courses available for several years.  A lot of customers liked the idea, but were always reluctant to pull the trigger.  An overwhelming majority communicated that the amount of time employees would be required to allocate was a major issue.  Regardless of that, companies still wanted the training to cover as many topics as possible.  After countless internal meetings and informal discussions, we decided to try something different for 2019.

First, we identified the topics that are most often requested:

  • Social Engineering
  • Protecting Business Information
  • Social Media
  • Browsing
  • Email and Messaging
  • Remote Computing
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
  • Data Destruction
  • Understanding Threats
  • Encryption

Second, we refreshed the narrative and content for each topic.  We always strive to have the most up to date and relevant information in our training.  Next, we selected the most important content for each topic and created a 3-5 minute course for each topic.  Lastly, we selected the three best quiz questions for each topic/course.  The end result is 10 courses, 3-5 minutes each, including 3 quiz questions.  That means employees will simply need to allocate less than 10 minutes per month for 10 months each year.  We asked some of our longtime customers to demo the courses and provide feedback.  The results have been overwhelmingly positive.

We call it our 2019 annual training, but it’s ready to go now.  Just like all of our training, these courses can be ‘branded’ with your company information – logo, internal policy, contact information, etc.  Additional customization is also available.