customized security awareness training course

Customized Security Awareness Training: What Security Awareness Training Is Right For Your Company?

Companies are like people.  They come in all shape and sizes, with different cultures and skill sets.  Selecting the best Security Awareness Training for your company may take some time, but it will pay off in the end.  As with all training, it should be considered an investment in your employees and important to the overall success of the company.  Just getting it over and done to satisfy security auditors or management is not the right attitude.  Moving forward that way could result in a total loss of time and money, not to mention that your employees are still not prepared for the next cyber attack.

At ELC Information Security we are continually evolving our course offerings to provide as many choices as possible for our clients.  Here’s a list of our 2019 courses that are available immediately.  (reference the chart below for topics covered in courses 1-5)

  1. 15 Minutes Condensed
  2. 20 Minutes 10 Topics
  3. 25 Minutes 13 Topics
  4. 30 Minutes 16 Topics
  5. 40 Minutes 22 Topics
  6. Monthly Security Awareness Training (supplemental)
  7. Phishing Awareness (supplemental)
  8. Data Privacy (supplemental)
  9. Customized Security Awareness Training Course