security awareness questions

What are the most common questions regarding Security Awareness Training?

Initiating Security Awareness Training for a company can be a daunting task.  Every company is different – number of employees, company culture, skills employees may or may not have, and several other factors.  All play a role in deciding what training is best for a company and it’s employees.  A reputable Security Awareness Training provider should help a company through the process.  Here are the 8 most common questions by companies for Security Awareness Training.

1.  Where will the training be hosted?
The training will be hosted on a Learning Management System (LMS) at the company or the training provider can host it on their LMS.  Typically, there is an additional charge for hosting on the training provider’s LMS.

2.  What reporting is available?
That depends on the LMS.  If your company has it’s own LMS, check with the team that manages training.  If you will be hosting on the training provider’s LMS, ask for as many details as they can provide, sample reports, etc.

3.  What is the duration of a training license for each employee?
It is typically 12 months from when the training goes “live”.

4.  Is branding available?
It should be.  Simple branding, such as inserting a company logo or indicating the company’s specific reporting information – IT Security, Help Desk, etc. and contact information – may be included in the overall package.  Check with your training provider for details.

5.  Is customization available?
It should be.  Some companies want extensive customization, such as customizing the training narrative to be more relatable to their industry.  Other companies may require minimal customization or want specific topics.   Work with your training provider to develop the best experience for your learners.

6.  Quiz and/or Testing – What is a passing grade?
Most training should have the ability to easily adjust the required score for learners to attain a “passing” grade.  Most companies require 80%, but some want their employees to master every aspect of the training and require 100%.

7.  How long are the courses?
It depends.  The sweet spot for learners is typically 10-20 minutes.  Some topics may take a little longer.  Also, some companies may want several topics in a single course.  Course length is also part of the customization process.  A company may want monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or annual training.

8.  What devices can be used for the training?
It should work on any device.  A company should test the training on every device possible to make sure everything works correctly.